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Squirrels are among the most common animals in urban and suburban areas. They are known for their agility and intelligence, often seen scurrying around parks and backyards. “Where do squirrels go when it rains?” But what happens when it rains?

The answer to this question is not as straightforward. While some squirrels may seek shelter in trees or caves, others may remain active in the rain.

Where Do Squirrels Go When It Rains?

Where do Squirrels Go When it Rains

Squirrels are adaptable animals and have developed a variety of strategies for dealing with wet weather. Depending on the species, squirrels may seek shelter in trees, burrows, or even in human-made structures.

Where do squirrels go?

Where do Squirrels Go When it Rains

Squirrels are small, agile animals found in many parts of the world. They are known for their quick movements, fluffy tails, and ability to climb trees easily. However, when it starts to rain, you may wonder where squirrels go to seek shelter.

There are a few different places where squirrels may go during rain:

  1. Tree branches: Squirrels are natural climbers and can move quickly through trees. During light rain, they may seek shelter on the branches of trees where the leaves can provide some protection from the rain.
  2.  Tree hollows: Squirrels may seek shelter in hollows or cavities within trees. These spaces can provide a dry place to rest and avoid getting wet in the rain. Some squirrels may even create their nests or dens within tree hollows.
  3.  Nesting boxes: In urban areas, squirrels may find shelter in nesting boxes designed for them. These boxes can provide a safe and dry place for squirrels to rest during rain.
  4.  Burrows: Ground squirrels and some other species of squirrels may seek shelter in caves that they have dug themselves or have been abandoned by other animals. These caves can provide a dry and protected place for squirrels to wait out the rain.

How do squirrels eat when it rains?

Where do Squirrels Go When it Rains

Squirrels are resourceful animals and can find ways to eat even during the rain. When it is raining, squirrels may take advantage of any break in the weather to gather food. They may also store food in advance for a food supply during the rain.

Here are some of the ways that squirrels may eat during the rain:

  1. Tree nuts: Squirrels rely on tree nuts as a primary food source. During the rain, they may continue to forage for nuts that have fallen from the trees. While the rain may make it harder to find nuts, squirrels have keen senses and can use their smell to locate nuts buried in the ground or the foliage.
  2.  Seeds: Squirrels eat seeds and may continue searching for them during the rain. They may forage for seeds on the ground or in the trees or store seeds in advance to have food during the rain.
  3.  Fruits and berries: Some species of squirrels also eat fruits and berries. During the rain, they may look for fruit that has fallen to the ground or still hanging on the trees.
  4.  Bird feeders: Squirrels are known for their ability to raid bird feeders, and they may take advantage of this food source during the rain. They may also find shelter under the bird feeder to await the rain.

Squirrels Run Around in the Rain

Where do Squirrels Go When it Rains

Squirrels are active animals and may continue to run and play in light rain. However, when it is raining heavily, squirrels may seek shelter and wait for the rain to pass before becoming active again.

Squirrels have several adaptations that help them cope with rain and other types of weather. For example, their fur coats are designed to repel water and keep them dry. They also have long, bushy tails that can be used as an umbrella to help keep their bodies dry. However, heavy rain can be more challenging for squirrels to navigate, and they may seek shelter in trees, burrows, or other protected areas.

Do squirrels like to be out in the rain?

Where do Squirrels Go When it Rains

Squirrels do not necessarily “like” to be out in the rain, but they are adapted to living in environments where rain is a regular occurrence. They have several adaptations that allow them to cope with rain, such as water-repellent fur, long tails that can be used as umbrellas, and the ability to find shelter in trees, caves, or other protected areas.
During light rain, squirrels may continue to be active and even enjoy playing in the shower, similar to how children might enjoy playing in the rain. However, squirrels may seek shelter during heavy rain or thunderstorms to protect themselves from the rain and other dangers.

Do squirrels come out after it rains?

Yes, squirrels may come out after it rains. When the rain stops and the weather clears up, squirrels may become active again and resume normal activities, such as foraging for food and playing.
After a rain, squirrels may also use the increased moisture in the environment to search for food. For example, they may dig for buried nuts or seeds that the rain has softened or look for fresh vegetation that has sprouted in the wet soil.


Do squirrels hibernate in the winter?

No, most squirrels do not hibernate in the winter. However, some species may enter a state of torpor, which is a form of hibernation-like sleep.

Do squirrels like the rain?

It depends on the species. Some squirrels may enjoy playing in the rain, while others may seek shelter to stay dry.

Do squirrels live in groups?

No, most squirrels are solitary animals and do not live in groups. However, some species may form small family groups.

Do squirrels build nests?

Yes, some species of squirrels build nests in trees or other structures. These nests are typically made of twigs, leaves, and other materials.


In conclusion, squirrels have a variety of strategies for dealing with wet weather. Some may seek shelter in trees, burrows, or even human-made structures. Others may remain active in the rain. Ultimately, the behavior of squirrels in the rain depends on the species and the environment.

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