Black and White Striped Fish


You might consider the black and white striped fish if you’re looking for a new addition to your aquarium. This majestic fish is sure to add interest and intrigue to any tank. Black and white striped fish are a type of schooling fish. They are usually found in the tropics and love swimming in large … Read more

Sea Creature That Sings: Pro Guides and Lessons

Sea Creature that Sings

You may have heard about the sea creature that sings, but what is it? Some say it’s a fish, and others say it’s a mammal that are sea creature that sings. Some say it’s a snake, and others say it’s a worm. But no one knows for sure what this elusive sea creature that sings … Read more

What are Cuttlefish Eggs? Facts and Lessons

Cuttlefish Eggs

I do not imagine any other animal in the ocean as unique and bizarre as the Cuttlefish eggs. Its bodies are covered in millions of colour-changing cells called chromatophores. You can find it on their body parts, and you get the idea that the cuttlefish can make these little sacks of pigment expand and contract, … Read more