How High Can a Squirrel Jump? – Full Guide 2022

Jumping and ascent are the two most generally associated behaviors with a squirrel. They are fast creatures that will scurry away as soon as you try to close them. I once saw a squirrel leap at least 4 feet from the ground.

So the question is “How High Can a Squirrel Jump” and the length of their jump can vary greatly. Since I’m not the most athletic person, the effortless acrobatics from that squirrel left quite an impression on me. So I determined to find out a little more close a squirrel’s jumping capacity, and here’s what I discovered:

The Eastern grey squirrel, the most common squirrel in the United States, can jerk four feet in a vertical orientation. That’s the size of an intermediate 7-year-old youngster. When jumping horizontally, squirrels can protect a distance of 9 feet. The great jumping capacity of a squirrel is allowed by oversized back legs, double-jointed ankles, and strong nails.  

How High Can a Squirrel Jump, Though?

However, the length of their jump can vary greatly, depending on the age, species, class, and whether or not a squirrel is driving.

How High Can a Squirrel Jump

Eastern Gray Squirrel, one of the most generally discovered kinds of squirrels in the US, can leap almost 9 feet horizontally, with a unique running beginning. Vertically, it can leap up to 4 feet (1.2m), which is pretty impressive compared to its size! In proper circumstances (good sufficient running start and height of the jumping point), squirrels can jump distances about 20-30 times bigger than their size!

Consider this: they are approximately ten terms shorter than human beings; if I had the proportional jumping capacity of an average Eastern Gray, I would be a real-life superhero, capable of reaching the 5th floor in a single leap and quickly vaulting over cars and busses!

Why Don’t Squirrels Get Hurt as Easily?

How High Can a Squirrel Jump

I once saw a squirrel jumping from a telephone pole onto the ground without hurting itself. But, of course, if a human were to attempt such a thing, they would, at the very smallest, be nursing a damaged bone.

It’s just straightforward physics. If the length of a falling object is small, but the uncovered surface area is extensive, then the drag forces that oppose this fall are also very high. Squirrels often use their tail as a parachute to improve the pain even more!

Problems with Jumping

We see now just how many squirrels are impressive little critters. Yet, despite all of the glamour, there are specific problems regarding all that jumping around that we need to address.

How High Can a Squirrel Jump

If you have a bird feeder somewhere in your backyard, chances are those seeds will be stolen by the squirrels. As mentioned above, squirrels love seeds and will go to extraordinary lengths to acquire them, which means your feeders are unsafe. All over the different internet forums and sites, people groan about how those annoying hairy rogues jump from the trees right on top of their bird feeders, take as much seed as they can, and speed away into the protection of their nests. (If you wanna know about Amphibians then you can explore more.)

Another issue connected to their excellent jumping and gliding capacity is the chance of them jumping and lighting on the roof of your house and decide that nesting under your roof, or in the very walls of your house, is a fantastic view.

How Can You Control Squirrels From Reaching Into The House?

How High Can a Squirrel Jump

Squirrels may be pretty, but you can’t let them take up the area in your house. However, you can take some preventive measures to keep them out. These are:

  1. Cover or repair any holes they can utilize to join your home and close all the soffits.
  2. Establish a steel screen over your house’s flues and have it escape. Squirrels can munch on soft metals such as aluminum. Steel is more complicated in comparison, and they won’t be able to chew through it.
  3. Curious? If you have trees in your yard, trim the branches, so they are at the most petite 10 feet away from the roof.
  4. If you maintain PVC pipes on the roof, have them suited with slit strips by an experienced. The slit strips will let the PVC pipe spin if any animal tries to move along it.


How high can an average squirrel jump?

The Eastern gray squirrel, the most common squirrel in the United States, can jump four feet in a vertical direction. That’s the height of an average 7-year-old child. When jumping horizontally, squirrels can cover a distance of 9 feet.

What is the vertical leap of a squirrel?

Squirrels have a vertical jump of about 4 feet and can leap up to 10 feet from object to object. All the while, their brains are computing what their eyes are noticing. Cats can clear about 8 feet. Both animals use their luxurious tails for balance.

Which squirrel can jump the furthest?

But let’s discuss the one who can surpass them all, the supposed “Super-Squirrel”: the flying squirrel.

Can squirrels jump 20ft?

Squirrels have been created with several anatomical transformations that help them with their fireworks. While some estimates of their achievements seem exaggerated, like the reported ability to jump 20 feet, they are equipped to make vertical and horizontal leaps that would be superhuman.

Can squirrels fall from any height and be okay?

How far can a squirrel fall without dying? It depends on the height and other factors, like landing on solid surfaces. For example, squirrels can drop from 100 feet onto concrete and survive. But they will most likely die if they fall from around 200 feet.


A squirrel is, in fact, a rodent. They are typically known for their large bushy tails, long pointy noses, big black eyes, and furry bodies. They are naturally a light brown color with a tint of gray. They have four large paws that allow them to jump and climb. Squirrels can be found in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Their diets include nuts, seeds, fruits, insects, and even bird eggs. They are also comprehended to eat birds and small mammals. They even can jump and climb on trees. The most common squirrels are ground squirrels, fox squirrels, eastern gray squirrels, western gray squirrels, and red squirrels.

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