Do Squirrels Eat Bird Eggs? – Facts that amaze you

If squirrels often visit you, you may be wondering “Do squirrels eat bird eggs?“. Squirrels are omnivores. This means they mostly endure on plant materials and, as you presumably already understand, love to eat nuts and seeds from bird feeders. However, being omnivores also means that they’re opportunistic feeders. This means they’ll consume different foods to get a balanced diet. This contains meat and also bird eggs.

The bird eggs feed the squirrels with a reasonable amount of calcium discovered in the shells. The inside of the egg also includes fats and proteins that squirrels adore.

Why Accomplish Squirrels Consume Bird Eggs?

Like all creatures in the wild, squirrels must feed for their food to stay noticed another day. And they aren’t especially picky eaters.

Do Squirrels Eat Bird Eggs

A squirrel’s primary diet includes acorns, pine cones, flowers, tree bark and other nuts and seeds. Yet, if there’s a large population of squirrels in one area, these food seeds may become scarce, and there might be more to go about.

When that happens, the squirrels must adjust and source other types of food. Typically, bird eggs are comfortable choosing for squirrels because they can smoothly access the nests.

Another explanation squirrels may eat bird eggs rather than other functional food sources is that the eggs may be easier to discover if there are several nests in any season. Like humans like to collect takeaway rather than cooking, squirrels will benefit from comfort food to find and procure.

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Do Squirrels Kill Grown-up Birds?

Do Squirrels Eat Bird Eggs

As we’ve already noticed, squirrels can efficiently kill newborn birds in their nestling stage. Yet, it’s essential to mention that in most matters, grown-up birds will not require concern about squirrel predation.

While a squirrel would presumably be adept at killing a grown-up bird under the proper cases, it’s just not something that often occurs. It would take far too much energy for squirrels to regularly hound grown-up birds.

Grown-up birds are particularly well-equipped to run and save themselves from squirrel aggression. Hunting only succeeds during special possibilities, like when a bird is damaged. An effortless way to ensure this is by observing how squirrels and birds usually interact.

Squirrels of Dietary Habits

Squirrels have complicated dietary habits, which can be a problem for people. A multi-million-dollar industry is built only around keeping these rodents out of bird feeders. Separated from eggs and birds, squirrels eat other proteins, such as small snakes and insects.

The food of squirrels changes between species and their geographical locations. Rustic squirrels have a different diet than urban ones.

What Can Nutrition Squirrels not Eat?

There are only infrequent foods squirrels evade. These are normal foods that do not conform to their stomachs, containing onions, garlic, and other peppers.

People use these foods to keep squirrels from their gardens, where they may consume carefully grown plants and vegetables.

Some foods are bad for squirrels, such as dairy products, processed foods, and sweet things like candy and chocolates. These foods aggravate a squirrel’s stomach, but that doesn’t prevent them from attempting to consume them.

Squirrels are innately interested in food and dip their teeth into anything they see. They taste test to notice if something is palatable or not.

How To Control Squirrels from Eating Bird Eggs and Meals?

If you are nervous or frustrated that squirrels are swallowing bird eggs and providing them in your garden or near your area, there are infrequent steps that you can take to control squirrels away from nests. Remember that squirrels are smart and seem to see their way near any setup.

Assemble Bird Feeders Inaccessible

Do Squirrels Eat Bird Eggs

People usually acidulate squirrels to keep them from being a problem around bird feeders. This is a bad manner of getting rid of a nuisance problem. Rather, try establishing bird feeders in places that are hard to read for squirrels and protect them with plastic crowns that block entrance from overhead.

Remember that squirrels will jump on the bird feeders and make them weave if you protect them with a plastic dome. As the feed falls to the ground, squirrels eat it and fill their tummies.

Install Squirrel Feeders

Installing a squirrel feeder is the most comfortable way to control squirrels from eating eggs or bird feed. They will quit bird eggs isolated if they have sufficient food to consume. Even though bird feed is good for birds, squirrels don’t accept any food from bird feed.

Squirrel feeders come in many shapes and structures. These contain picnic table feeders, balcony feeders, combination feeders, hanging baskets, etc. A squirrel feeder allows squirrels from being dangerous nuisances.

You can reserve money on bird meals and save special songbird eggs if your squirrel feeder is fully stocked with corn cobs, peanuts, and compressed corn logs.


Do squirrels swallow other animals’ eggs?

Squirrels are omnivores, which indicates that they eat both plants and flesh. Squirrels choice consume bird eggs and baby birds! Squirrels plundered birds’ nests in trees and robbed eggs from chicken coops.

Will squirrels swallow chicken eggs?

Squirrels adore eating chicken eggs and poultry feed, so gather eggs continually and reserve feast in protected, preferably metal, depository cans for dinner. Squirrels will kill chicks in some possibilities, so confirm any chicks that brooded out are in a safe enclosure.

How do I control squirrels from eating my bird eggs?

Control The Squirrels Fed, So They’re Not Drawn To Steal Bird Eggs. Squirrels with easy entrance to food are improbable to forage for bird eggs to rob. Thus, set up one or more squirrel feeding stations near your lawn to control the squirrel population joyfully.

How do you save a bird’s nest from squirrels?

Predator protection is a metal or wooden device that can be nailed to a tree, pole, or birdhouse to discourage predators from getting the nests. Predator protection, also called baffles, can save nests from cats, raccoons, squirrels, snakes and other small creatures.

Do squirrels eat eggs from bird nests?

Squirrels, chipmunks, and ground squirrels will eat bird eggs. Eggshells are essential for squirrels and other rodents due to the calcium seen within the shell. Further, the fats and proteins inside the egg are favorably liked by squirrels.


In public, squirrels are relatively innocuous little creatures that are charming to observe. Yet, they will eat bird eggs and newborn birds if there’s not enough food.

Obey our handy information to keep squirrels out of your birdhouses to save the eggs secure so they can hatch and grow to live a whole life. You can adjust your birdhouse by facilitating the opening size, improving the roof size and nestling squirrel baffles.

Another view is to set out squirrel feeders. If the squirrels are well-fed, they’re improbable to go hounding for bird nests to steal the eggs.

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