Do Snakes Eat Rabbits? – 5 Facts Will Amaze You

Although Rabbits are large creatures and cannot be the food of snakes, most snakes can eat them quickly. If you have never owned snakes in your home as a pet, then you might also be able to know about their feeding and food and need to learn how to feed them at home. Now the question arises, “Do Snakes Eat Rabbits” and the definite answer is “Yes.” Because mostly wild snakes eat Rabbits and are sure, you will amazed to know that rabbits are one of their favorite food.

How Do Snakes Eat Rabbits?

Do Snakes Eat Rabbits

As we know, rabbits are fast animals and can run fast. But if snakes catch them, then they can quickly eat them. When snakes eat rabbits, they swallow them whole. Snakes do not chew their food. Instead, they use their strong muscles to crush the recently consumed whole animal to be digested in their stomach. Most snakes kill their prey before eating, but some eat them alive. Snakes are carnivores; that’s why they like to eat rabbits alive. 

Plenty of snake species can eat full-size rabbits as a whole. Rabbits try to run from snakes, but unfortunately, they can’t do this because when snakes catch any animal, then they eat them. 

Some snake keepers and breeders that deal with giant breeds, such as the Burmese Python, have been known to use rabbits as a cheap and available food source for their snakes. However, most snake species are only large enough to eat rabbits when they are babies.

Which Snakes Eat Rabbits?

Approximately every snake over 2-3 feet long eat rabbits if they allow them to eat them. 

Here is a list of snakes in your area that usually eats rabbits. 

  • Brown Snakes
  • Pig Nosed Snakes
  • Boa Constrictors
  • Pythons
  • Bull Snakes

These snakes can easily catch rabbits, eat them, and become rabbits as their food. Although rabbits are adorable animals, snakes make them their food. And the thing that you can know is that some snakes are too small and they can eat rabbits. To eat rabbits, snakes will have a large sizes.

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Why Do Snakes Eat Rabbits?

As we mentioned before, snakes are obligate carnivores, meaning they love to eat the meat of animals. They lack the enzymes they need to get nutrients from plant foods—snakes like the taste of rabbits’ meat and love to eat fresh flesh. Snakes are carnivores, and eating small animals like rabbits or other animals is easy. These animals are easy to swallow for snakes.

How To save Your Rabbit From Snakes?

If you have any rabbit or benny in your home as a pet, save him from a snake because snakes like to eat them. In this way, the snake is a predator, and the rabbit is the prey eaten by the snake anytime. On the other hand, if you have snakes and rabbits as pets, separate them with secure cages.

Do Snakes Eat Rabbits?

If your bunny lives outside, wild snakes can be a real threat to your rabbit, but only if your rabbit is tiny or your wild snakes are enormous. 

Cut bushes and plants too close to the rabbit hutch because snakes can easily use these to gain access. Keeping the grass around the cage short is also essential so snakes cannot hide in it. There’s a reason there is a species called the grass snake.

Can A Snake Eat Baby Rabbits?

Do Snakes Eat Rabbits?

The answer is Yes because snakes are easy to catch and eat. Baby rabbits are always on target for snakes to eat. Different varieties of snakes love to eat baby snakes and love to eat them. 

That means it could have been an Eastern Black Rat snake, a Northern Black Racer, or a Black Garter snake. It is easy to say it found our three immature rabbits and had no problem making them a midday snack. 

Will A Rabbit Eat A Snake?

Rabbits are true herbivores, eating plant materials and vegetables. There have been some survival or territorial instances when rabbits have been found to eat meat, but your domestic rabbit will not eat a snake.

Most probably, a victorious rabbit that has killed a snake after an attack may bite the dead snake but will not consume the snake. 


Do rabbits get eaten by snakes?

Snakes are true carnivores and will consume any meat, including rabbits. Giant snakes like boas and pythons can easily swallow adult rabbits.

What size snake can eat a rabbit?

The first species worth mentioning when looking at snakes that eat rabbits is the Reticulated Python. This species is the Biggest Snake in the World in terms of overall length, so they must be fed large meals. They often grow up to 20ft long, with exceptional specimens reaching even more extraordinary heights.

Are rabbits scared of snakes?

Another way rabbits evade predators is through the eye. Birds of prey and even snakes are harmful to rabbits, and in doing so, when they are sighted, rabbits run.

Do snakes like rabbits?

Snakes, particularly poisonous ones, can severely threaten your pet bunnies. If you keep your rabbits in a cage outside, you must ensure you can keep snakes out of the cabinet.

What type of snake eats rabbits?

Several pet snakes can and do consume rabbits. Giant pythons such as Burmese and relics, etc., can easily handle rabbits, boa constrictors, anacondas, and even large bullsnakes will eat them.

Can a cobra eat a rabbit?

A mouse, rat, ground squirrel, or rabbit is its main prey, but cobras may also eat amphibians, birds, lizards, snakes, and eggs. Cobras use their pronged tongue to smell prey.


After all, rabbits are one of the favorite food for snakes to eat. You can use frozen ones if you don’t want to feed your snake live rabbits. It is easy for snakes to find rabbits and swallow them. We have tried to discuss every aspect of rabbits and snakes, but besides this, if you have any queries, feel free to ask us.

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