What is a Sea Cow in Ocean? Facts, Food and their Diet

sea cow

Manatees and dugongs are appreciatively nicknamed “sea cows” because of their grass-eating tendencies and slow nature. Sea Cow are often seen swimming beautifully with their powerful tails and freaking out. But did you know that sea cows may have inspired many sailors’ tales of sirens, life, and fertility within the ocean?  History Channel reported that … Read more

Rainbow Parrotfish Facts: You want to Know

Rainbow Parrotfish 

Rainbow Parrotfish is a fish that those hobbyists who keep them adore, or those who don’t despise it, think it a weird fish. But those who like parrot fish and find it very cute, and those who find it beautiful.  Sometimes it is blue or green, it could be red too, and it might change … Read more

Sea Creature That Sings: Pro Guides and Lessons

Sea Creature that Sings

You may have heard about the sea creature that sings, but what is it? Some say it’s a fish, and others say it’s a mammal that are sea creature that sings. Some say it’s a snake, and others say it’s a worm. But no one knows for sure what this elusive sea creature that sings … Read more

Scary Water Dinosaurs 2022

Scary Water Dinosaurs 2022

Like most people, you probably think of dinosaurs as enormous, lumbering creatures that roamed the earth millions of years ago. But what if I told you some scary dinosaurs lived in the water? And what if some of them were downright scary? Believe it or not, there are many different types of scary water dinosaurs, … Read more