Can Squirrels Eat Chocolate?- Toxic or Healthy

Chocolate is a delicious joy no one can oppose. Yet, we know that most pets and Chocolate don’t blend. In fact, in 2018, Chocolate was digit four on the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center’s (APCC) checklist of ultimate pet toxins for the year. Thus, the question appears, “can squirrels eat chocolates?” or is Chocolate secure for squirrels?

Squirrels are pretty woodland rodents discovered in spaces full of trees and greenery. You must have noticed one running around, peeking for berries and nuts to swallow or reserve inside the soil for the Winter months. People typically provide them with cookies, candies, and chocolates in their backyards.

Diet Of Squirrels

As said before, a squirrel’s diet contains plenty of plant-based food. The most common types of vegetative food squirrels satisfy are nuts – especially low in tannin – and seeds.

Squirrels help grow and multiply plants and vegetation by keeping their nuts and seeds in the soil, gradually increasing and becoming good plants. Some of the other palatable things squirrels draw nutrition from are:

  • Specific varieties of non-poisonous mushrooms
  • Acorns with a low tannin range
  • Seeds of sunflowers
  • Green vegetables like broccoli, zucchini, peas, etc.
  • Tiny amounts of corn
  • Walnuts and walnut covers
  • Non-citrus fruits
  • Pumpkins and the origins of this vegetable

Can Squirrels Eat Chocolate?

Chocolate is a tasty treat; squirrels will rob it from you if they get a prospect. Chocolate includes an alkaloid called Theobromine which is unhealthy for most mammals. The level of toxicity varies according to the chocolate type; the quantity swallowed, and the animal and its digestive system.

Can Squirrels Eat  Chocolate

If eaten in large quantities, squirrels will have a lot of Theobromine in their system, which could be fatal.

To stop this from happening, it’s best to refrain from offering chocolates to squirrels. Add more unassailable foods such as nuts, berries, fruits, and sunflower seeds.

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Can Squirrels Eat Dark Chocolate?

As we have noticed earlier, eating Chocolate isn’t a squirrel-friendly nourishment. Still, the amount of Chocolate and type ingested is essential because the concentration of caffeine and Theobromine can vary.

Can Squirrels Eat Chocolate

The dimmer and sorer the Chocolate, the higher the concentration of caffeine and Theobromine, and the more dangerous it is to squirrels.

What about milk chocolate?

The attention of Theobromine in dark chocolate by-products is up to 10 times that of milk chocolate or white Chocolate. Dark Chocolate is far more harmful to squirrels per unit weight or volume than milk chocolate or white Chocolate.

Still, milk chocolate and white Chocolate have sugar as significant ingredients, making them unhealthy for these bushy-tailed rodents.

Can Squirrels Eat Chocolate-Covered Almonds?

Dark chocolates and baking chocolates are utilized to cover toasted almonds and peanuts. Since both types of Chocolate pose the most significant risk of toxicity, you should never give squirrel chocolate-covered almonds, peanuts, or any other types of nut.

Chocolates High In Theobromine

Can Squirrels Eat  Chocolate

While you can’t prevent a squirrel from robbing food, knowing which foods can harm them is essential. The following chocolate products have the most elevated quantities of Theobromine.

  • Baking Chocolate – 376mg per square ounce
  • Dark Chocolate – 228mg per square ounce
  • Chocolate Wafers – 21mg per wafer
  • Dark Chocolate – 228mg per square ounce
  • Hot Cocoa – 170mg per cup
  • Sweet Chocolate Candies – 175mg per 1.5-ounce model
  • Cocoa Powder – 142mg per 100 grams
  • Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips – 138mg per 1oz handful

 Things You Can Safely Convey Squirrels To Eat

These food items are harmful to the fitness and development of squirrels. If you regularly see places where these nervous rodents are abundant, have some fresh sliced vegetables, non-citrus fruits, and ubiquitous seeds.

Squirrels also require plenty of fresh drinking water, so you can establish a small bowl of water available and efficiently reach these rodents.

Can Squirrels Ingest Chocolate Cake?

Can Squirrels Ingest Chocolate Cake

No, squirrels shouldn’t eat cake, pies, cobbler, Nutella, or sweets. These small animals need a diet consisting of nuts, berries, seeds, fungi, plants, etc., that can be discovered in their wild habitat.

Providing them with cookies, Oreos, candy, etc., will mess with their digestive system and make them vulnerable to health issues. Squirrels would be good if humans didn’t provide them at all.

That means you can still set up a squirrel feeder and feed them. Ensure you provide them with wild squirrel food or other foods that won’t harm them.


What foods are harmful to squirrels?

Note: Pits and seeds can be harmful, excluding berries. Avoid Dates, parched fruit of any variety, figs, fruit juice, persimmons, plums, prunes, and raisins.

Do squirrels eat Oreos?

Other choices aren’t exactly realistic, but the squirrels adore them anyway. These foods have peanut butter, pecans, pistachios, grapes, corn, squash, zucchini, pumpkin, strawberries, carrots, apples, sunflower seeds, and snack items such as Oreo cookies.

What should you never feed a squirrel?

It would help if you did not give squirrels salty and sugary snacks. These have little nutritional value for squirrels. Squirrels are naturally hyper, and sugar can make them even more excitable, which is terrible for their health. Other junk food, including hot dogs, pizza, and more, is also bad for squirrels.

What is squirrels’ favorite food?

Their favored foods contain acorns, walnuts, hickory nuts, and Osage orange fruits. They may also provide wild tree fruits, nuts, and tree buds when nutrition is insufficient later in Winter.

Can squirrels eat Snickers?

So, can squirrels eat Chocolate? Squirrels love Chocolate, and you can give them a small piece of your candy occasionally. However, Chocolate does not hold any nutritional value for them, and large amounts of Chocolate can even cause their death.

Why should you not touch a squirrel?

Wild animals can also lay disorders in people and pets. Never feel like a wild animal, no matter how adorable or friendly it appears. Birdfeeders are fine but don’t feed other wild animals. Be aware that birdfeeders can attract other wildlife.


Remember that the amount of Chocolate ingested is essential and that the type of Chocolate is also necessary. Ultimately, it is best to stick with small amounts of Chocolate and not too much dark Chocolate. This blog post has allowed you to understand the dangers and how to prevent your squirrel from being harmed by eating Chocolate.

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