Do you know About Fish With Big Forehead

Fish with big forehead are among some of the world’s strange creatures. Marine biologists are used to confronting these types of fish in their missions, but you can also see them, especially when scuba diving – You need to be patient and squint enough and wait for your moment.  If you’re not a marine biologist … Read more

Black and White Striped Fish


You might consider the black and white striped fish if you’re looking for a new addition to your aquarium. This majestic fish is sure to add interest and intrigue to any tank. Black and white striped fish are a type of schooling fish. They are usually found in the tropics and love swimming in large … Read more

Sea Creature That Sings: Pro Guides and Lessons

Sea Creature that Sings

You may have heard about the sea creature that sings, but what is it? Some say it’s a fish, and others say it’s a mammal that are sea creature that sings. Some say it’s a snake, and others say it’s a worm. But no one knows for sure what this elusive sea creature that sings … Read more

Scary Water Dinosaurs 2022

Scary Water Dinosaurs 2022

Like most people, you probably think of dinosaurs as enormous, lumbering creatures that roamed the earth millions of years ago. But what if I told you some scary dinosaurs lived in the water? And what if some of them were downright scary? Believe it or not, there are many different types of scary water dinosaurs, … Read more

What are Cuttlefish Eggs? Facts and Lessons

Cuttlefish Eggs

I do not imagine any other animal in the ocean as unique and bizarre as the Cuttlefish eggs. Its bodies are covered in millions of colour-changing cells called chromatophores. You can find it on their body parts, and you get the idea that the cuttlefish can make these little sacks of pigment expand and contract, … Read more